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F.T.L.L.(For The Love of Laila) has more than one purpose. As President and founder I stand committed to seeing FTLL provide financial support and provide information that will raise cancer awareness in our local communities and hopefully someday worldwide. As Laila's father I stand committed to helping someone's friend, husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, or cousin learn the early signs of various forms of treatable cancer. As a parent, knowing that my daughter will not get to know one of her grandmothers nor one of her great-grandmothers due to cancer is very disappointing. I am horrified to know that a person can get to stage 4 of this illness before they ever know that something is wrong. I am equally concerned that a person can have routine check-ups but never have any mention of signs to be aware of concerning this deadly disease. Some of the symptoms are less obvious than others but it is better to report a symptom that may turn out to be nothing rather than not report a symptom that could be a major health concern. Luckily, there are many organizations that focus on cancer survivors. Our group wants to not only stand with those great organizations but also put an emphasis on what can be done to see early warning signs and in some cases what can be done to lower risk factors. I don't want my baby or yours to miss out on any hugs and affection because a loved one was lost prematurely to this disease. Laila has already lost two so let's help some other child not miss out. This is not only for the love of Laila, but for your baby too.         

                                                                 **Donations are not tax deductible

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