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Grady Brown III

I am grateful for this concept that God has placed in my mind. I look forward to making a difference. I may only be able to help just one person but to the family and friends of that one I have made a difference.

Our Team


April K. Brown

After losing one of my grandmothers and my mother to cancer in a ten month span, I can attest to both the devastation of cancer and the need for increased cancer awareness. As a military veteran I have seen firsthand the detrimental effects of one not keeping their mental health a priority as they would their physical health. For these reasons F.T.L.L. is near and dear to my heart.

Event Coordinator

Clarence Duplessis

As a proud father of two girls, I am honored and blessed to be able to work with and assist Grady on such a great charity. This will be a very eventful charity and will help so many and we will stride to grow and bless so many lives and bring awareness to cancer and mental health.

​John Princewill

From childhood, my mother taught my brothers and I that helping and giving to others brings the ultimate personal satisfaction. As a psychiatric nurse, she sees first hand everyday the impact that mental illness can have on an individual and their loved ones...I got to know Grady professionally, but our common passion for serving has led me to be a part of this great cause. I look forward to meeting new people and raising awareness for mental illness. Through our efforts and community outreach, I hope to get as many people involved and have the charity grow locally to a national level one day!

Tiffany Redeo

This organization has the potential to affect many lives. Together we can help change negative perceptions and raise awareness for both causes. It is an honor to join this fight.

Social Media Coordinator

Tanell Manus

I look forward to being a part of a team that will bring added awareness and information about cancer and mental health. We each have our own connection to both causes. Hopefully my input will help to make a difference in many lives as our organization goes forward.

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